HELLO collection

HELLO Collection, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, boasts a visually striking and emotionally appealing design.

CUT chairs

The CUT chair solves not only a functional problem, but also an aesthetic one. This is exactly the chair that is perfect for a variety of spaces - from a small room to a large office. It can become a bright accent or an addition to other furniture.

DESERT collection

The DESERT collection is ideal for both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Peyote lighting

A series of ceramic lightings

Belt chair

Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables

Raft sofa

Raise vase

A series of ceramic products, which, during elements arrangement, perform different function. This can be either a ceramic pot for live plants or a table flower vase. Compositions of these objects can perfectly fit into any space, either apartment or a public institution.

Svoy sofa

A sofa, which was designed specifically for INTERIA company. Besides the fantastic convenience, a more aesthetic task was solved. This sofa can be a great accent element of the interior. At the same time, it can easily fit into almost any interior, in case of right choice of color and fabric, without focusing on itself.

Design Award "Ukrainian Urban Awards"

Overpass tables

Все строится на взаимодействии. По этому принципу создана композиция столиков «Overpass tables» - сочетание объемов, форм и контраст фактур. Характеристика каждого элемента выгодно подчёркнута - изящный топ опирается на объемные ножки- основания, гладкость одной столешницы проявляет рельефность второй, различные высоты позволяют разделить функции и создавать лаконичные комбинации. ​

Smooth chair

Scandinavian motives and maximum comfort fitting formed the shape of this chair, designed for DIZA company. It is made of natural wood and fits perfectly into a cozy living space. But thanks to the variation of finishes, it is also excellent for HoReCa goals.

Fruit catcher

Decorative items designed for fruit. They can be comfortably moved due to a special handle. Fruit catcher looks great in the composition of several units.

Up&Up candlestick

Candlesticks made of natural stone and metal. The design and constructive make it possible to link elements with each other, creating new "multi-storey" compositions for several candles.

SOUL kitchen

You can create a combination of units, separating them into groups according to their functions for each family member on the basis of one kitchen. At that you can show your individuality to the maximum in a total kitchen concept.

Soaring lighting

This lamp can work both for illumination of local areas, and to create a common light in the room, if you assemble a group of several elements.

Buffalo bar stool

A complex approach reflects the philosophy of every created element, filling it with the value of relations of talented people. You may find inspiration in the world and nature and transform this energy into industrial design. Chair Buffalo is an ironic, stylish and comfortable example of such transformation, which combines the play of shapes and imaginations.

Inversion vases

Vases made of glass or plastic, reminiscent of traditional vases but executed in the form of volume inversion. During arrangement of several vases, it is possible to assemble the silhouette of a traditional vase like a puzzle.

Airy sofa

A sofa that will take an ideal place in a large space with orientation to several directions. Impeccable comfort and softness as well as radial fitting will allow you to place a large company on the sofa, creating optimal conditions for communication and recreation. Combine different modules for individual family needs and space.

One second table

Very simple and concise coffee table, which can dilute any interior with its character. It is designed in two sizes.

Dash vases

Ceramic vases which image is created by intersection of two volumes. Particularly this box creates a special silhouette of the subject.

Plus-Plus bench

Such functional object can be a laconic accent in any interior. It is convenient, compact and ergonomic. Color combinations and shaping of “Plus-Plus” allow you to create a private and public space.

Axis lighting

Modular lamp. It can be typed in different lengths, creating a unique silhouette. Its design allows you to direct the flow of light in the right direction, creating conceived light scenarios in the room.

8 bit

Socket "8-BIT" It is non-trivial interpretation of a classic socket with the ironic subtle shade of nostalgia. Substitution of materials was done, where gypsum is replaced with a tree. Fundamental important fact is that the entire pattern was cut out of solid wood, reflecting the crucial idea of "the 90's", where the code of a symbol will not leave indifferent.

MIXIT kitchen

With the help of the placement of the upper storage elements, a unique image of the kitchen and interior is formed. Complete with additional hidden storage systems.

Steady chair

A chair that has its own unique, special character. It dictates confidence and stability of everything that is near.

IZLOM stool

Stool "IZLOM" The perfect ergonomics of the stool "IZLOM" allows "to contact with nature" comfortably in every sense. The idea of creation is based on the concept of interaction of massive wood saw cut, rested on the thin and folded delicately sheet of paper (the metal construction). The arrangement of stools "IZLOM" in the interior creates an interesting art object that attracts attention.

Bend lighting

Светильник предназначен формировать локальные подсведки в интерьере. Форма светильника выглядит как слегка искривленная линия. Особенно интересно выглядят такие светильники в группе.

SNOP lighting

Our eyes will always look for the echoes of nature in the urban world. Light source represents an ideological natural national colouring and looks like a sheaf of wheat, in which each spikes is light source. Various compositions of SNOP elements can create interesting installation and ways of space lighting.


Мебельная композиция состоящая из нескольких элементов. Они работают на просвет и выглядят как "призраки". Все что находится внутри них не скрыто от глаз наблюдатела а наоборот предоставлено общему обозрению и подсвечено акцентным светом.

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