An unusual and interesting project of creating an interior in a wooden house in Kyiv

300 m2
Kyiv, Ukraine


An unusual and interesting project of creating an interior in a wooden house in Kyiv by SVOYA STUDIO. The uniqueness of the house is that all the zoning and design solutions were dictated not just by aesthetics, but by a much deeper approach - the creation of family traditions and legends of the owners. At the design stage, the house acquired its name "Jasmine House", in honor of the symbolically planted jasmine bushes at the entrance.The house has a total area of 300m2 (plus a glazed veranda with a wine cellar). On the ground floor there is a spacious living room with a second light, a dining room with a kitchen and technical rooms with a guest bathroom.The second floor is provided with private rooms - the master and children's bedrooms, each of which has a private wardrobe and a bathroom. The common space on the second floor, formed by the transit zones of the second light, has its own purpose - a recreation area, a library and a working space.The central element of the living room is the composition of the fireplace and the staircase, which divides the space into two zones - a sofa, with a beautiful view of the garden and the lake, as well as a secluded area with armchairs by the fireplace. The dining room with a folding table can accommodate a large number of guests. One of the hobbies of the hostess is cooking, and the kitchen provides everything for this. Collecting dishes and deep immersion in home decoration also creates a special atmosphere and an honest personalized interior. In the decoration, preference is given to natural materials - wood, marble, high-quality textiles. A lot of attention is paid to details and accessories.


  • Andrey Bezuglov
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