Levitation apartment

The apartment space is filled with light and warm pure natural shades.

Dnipro, Ukraine


The architects of SVOYA STUDIO faced the task of smart arrangement of space and creation of laconic and comfortable interior in 135 m2 apartment in the city of Dnipro.

During the design decision phase, owners of the apartment focused on provision of as much space as possible for the child area through reduction of the living room space. As a result, the following areas were formed:

Total space of the entrance room with large commodious storage system, kitchen with dining area and living area. Joint enclosed balcony serves as a small lounge area with a hanging lounger and greening.

The guest bathroom goes into the common space, but it is visually isolated and belongs to the entrance room.

For preservation of total integral space, all transit areas were opened with avoidance of any corridors. At the same time, we managed to create an independent laundry room with all technical equipment for the house.

The spacious child room for two daughters is comfortably zoned: play and study space, where girls spend time together and individual compact spaces for each girl with a bedroom and a wardrobe. These spaces are comfortably styled as mini-rooms and are separated from each other by partition wall with a wardrobe. But for playing format in the storage system there is a “secret tunnel” which allows girls “visiting” with each other.

The bedroom is equipped with a bathroom and a dressing room. In contrast with the whole apartment, it is made in quiet colors —graphite color of the panel behind the headboard and gorgeous draping portiere clothes make the bedroom space appeasing and calm — area of leisure and fresh start.

The bathroom of the bedroom is monochromic and bright. Part of furniture and plumbing fixture is made of Laminam plates.

The apartment space is filled with light and warm pure natural shades. Combination of stone, wood and soft tactile smooth textile creates an atmosphere of coziness.

Sophisticated lighting creates a flying visual effect – the levitation effect. All visual effects, high quality of materials and forming of the space as a whole provide a feeling of comfort and appeasement, which is so important for residential apartments.


  • Alexander Angelovsky
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