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The private elementary school in Dnipro

400 m2
Dnipro, Ukraine


The private elementary school "HELLO SCHOOL" in Dnipro is a continuation of the successful family center "HELLO BABY", which was developed and launched a year earlier. Its popularity became the reason for the further development of the complex.
The school is located on a space of 400 m2, as an extension of the family center. Adhering to a similar design concept with more "adult" attributes, an adapted color scheme and new functionality. Physical education, music and creativity. But the school is completely autonomous and has its own entrance group, a locker room area with personal lockers for each child, a corridor with recreation, 4 classrooms (each of which is designed for 12 students), a dining room, 3 bathrooms (including inclusive), a methodical cabinet, as well as technical room and a pantry.  All classes are equipped with modern furniture and equipment, and adapted to progressive learning systems. All engineering communications ensure a comfortable stay of children at school.
All navigation was developed by "&MO" studio.
The finishing materials were selected according to the high operational load and environmental friendliness.
We are very pleased with the fact that now there is more and more work on the creation of children's and educational institutions. This sphere of design reflects very well how the world is developing rapidly, how the environment and spaces for recreation and development of children are changing.
  • Andrey Bezuglov
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